Grad Night Memory Wall

Each year at Grad Night we honor our graduating students by displaying photographs of their lives before they were grads on the "Memory Wall."


  1. Sort through your senior's life in photos.
  2. Arrange your favorite photos in a collage, on paper no larger than 8 1/2 x 12. Vertical or horizontal format is accepatble.
  3. Please print collages in color on photo paper or glossy card stock. There are three good options for doing this in town;

    1. Chico Printing (PV family owned business) 970 Mangrove Ave. Glossy card stock, 8 1/2 x 11, .85 cents. they prefer you email your file to You will then pick it up and deliver it to the PV main office

    2. FedEx-Kinko's Office, 1722 Mangrove Ave. Glossy card stock, 8 1/2 x 11, $1.60. They will have a collection box for collages or you can deliver to the PV main office.

    3. Costco's Photo Center, go to and create a collage print found under their "photo gifts". Use the 8 x 12 option. Photo paper, $1.79. Deliver the the print to the PV main office.

We are not responsible for returning the collages.

*Please make sure that your student's name is on the back of the collage.


The deadline to have your completed collage turned in to either the PV main office or FedEx Kinko's collection box is May 18, 2018, but earlier is preferable!


Please contact:
Misty Klinger - or
Christy Peterson -